Step 7 Cheque Back Side Printing

Step 7 Cheque Back Side Printing

This option is used when you need to write something behind cheque. Here you can store this short note about what you write behind cheque.

For this printing you must put paper in reverse.

Back Printig

For print go to PRINT >> BACK PRINTING sub menu

=> Select Book name.

=> Select Bank name.

=> select cheque no ( for non printed cheque number click on “SHOW ALL” .

=> Select printer.

=>  Write your note

=> Click on “SAVE and PRINT” for print or “SAVE” for store information.

For Finding old information click on SEARCH and get old back printed information using keyword used in note.


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Step 2 About Software Menu

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Step 5.5 Enter Cheque Book

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Step 7 Cheque Back Side Printing

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Step 9 General Setup

Step 10 Support


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