Step 6 Print Test Cheque

Step 6 Print Test Cheque

Before going regular printing we make some test print for make sure about perfect printing.

For test print you may use either cheque size blank paper or wasted cheque . You can also print photocopy cheque for testing. If you are using blank paper, kindly note that height of cheque is important.(Indian Bank Have apx 93 mm (9.3cm)).

Before print must know how to put paper in printer. Normally paper put in vertical format (Landscape Mode). You under stand like “Payee and Amount in word” printed in cheque is inside the printer and “Date and Amount in digit ” is outside of printer.

You must adjust your cheque using paper adjuster. (Normally Inkjet printer have left to right and Laser Printer in Center) For Clear see Below Information

How to Put Cheque

After Placing Cheque, Go to PRINT menu >> CHEQUE sub menu

Print Cheque

=> Select your Bank
=> Then Select your Cheque Book (For Auto Generate a book Name Like “Bank Short Code + Last 4 Digit of Bank Account + Cheque Book Start Series Number + Incremental Number)
=> Select Payee. If need to enter new payee click on “+” Button near payee drop box.  Then insert new payee , save it and exit. Then is need click on refresh button (you can find between payee drop box and add payee button)to get new payee.
=> Enter amount.( If You can to make bearer cheque click on self box. so “A/C Payee” not printed on cheque at time of printing)
=> Enter Narration (For your reference about this cheque)
=> Select cheque no ( If you want to print previously saved cheque click on “SHOW All” option)
=> Change date if required, default current shown.
=> select your printer settings
=> Click on “SAVE and PRINT” for print cheque or click on “SAVE” for save cheque details.

For first time cheque printing user need to follow this steps.

=> After printing on cheque or blank paper(compare with original cheque) see that printing is perfect or not.
=> Most user have comman 2 problems
i) Printing is either up side or down side. Kindly refer Printer Set Up Click Here.
ii) Print paper is mismatch ( Mostly for advance multifunction printer.) Kindly refer Printer Set Up Click Here.

For who use regularly use this software but some cheque book or bank Printing is not Proper

=> This issue cause mostly not valid image of cheque. and its settings.
=> When you find non proper printing on particular bank or cheque book, don’t use PRINTER SET UP option to correct it. because it is globally so it disturb your other settings.
=> To solve go to BANK >> CHEQUE LAYOUT
=> Click on EDIT LAYOUT.
=> Find and select your layout from which you print.
=>Edit as per your need (forgot about behind cheque image) and save it and test it.


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Step 6 Print Test Cheque

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