Step 3 Create Company

Step 3 Create Company

What is company ?

=> In this software company you can use in terms of company name , individual name, firm name etc… Like a bank account holder name.

To Create company Go to CREATE >> COMPANY

Create Company


Enter Your Company Name

Then Click On SAVE.

If you wish to Edit or Delete Company


Then click on SEARCH.

Search your company name. (If you not know leave blank and search, you can get all Company)

Select This company and click on OK.

Now you can edit name of your company. Or click on DELETE to delete company. Once you delete company then all data related like bank accounts, cheque books are deleted and not recovered.


Step 1 Register Your free Cheque Printing Software

Step 2 About Software Menu

Step 3 Create Company

Step 4 Enter Bank Name

Step 5 Cheque Layout

Step 5.5 Enter Cheque Book

Step 6 Print Test Cheque

Step 7 Cheque Back Side Printing

Step 8 Printer Setup

Step 9 General Setup

Step 10 Support


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