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Domain is in used , ownership of Param Infoway.

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Legal Concerns as per Indian Low

Param InfoWay is an organization based in India .

Therefore, most is of the Following page is redacted in English(Indian) and Refers to Indian law, All which is the only one to be applicable to Param Infoway.

What are the restrictions for use Param Infoway’ FreeChequePrinting software?

Short answer: there are none .

You can use the software in the way you want (Within the boundary of law), for personal, educational, research, military, Governmental, professional purpose or Any other way …

May I redistribute a of Param Infoway’ FreeChequePrinting  software?

Yes, You May distribute original release year of Param Infoway’s FreeChequePrinting software as long as you comply with its license terms.

You Will find a license file named “License Agreement” in all our products.

Note: You do not need to ask permission to distribute the Param Infoway’s FreeChequePrinting software!

How do I redistribute of Param InfoWays’s FreeChequePrinting Software?

You can distribute software as you wish as it is form only


Param Infoway, Chirag Infotech Solution, FreeChequePrinting Software, ChequePrintingPlus are trademarks owned by Param Infoway and Chirag InfoTech Solution.

The full use is detailed under, in the French section, you should know That goal Those trademarks Will not block Any normal use and redistribution of FreeChequePrinting  software from

HOWEVER, you should know That It is STRICTLY forbidden to use the Param Infoway trademarks to spread, distribute, advertise or sell software or hardware if the license is NOT open source (OSI meaning).

Patents and licenses codec

All code are property of Param Infoway and Chirag InfoTech Solution only.

Legal Information

Form Param Infoway

Param Infoway  is a profit organization, This is fully professional organization. This Freechequeprinting Software is free for startup only. For further services you may charge it as per our rules only.

Applicable Law

The Param Infoway  association is an association of Indian law. It is domiciled in Indian and is primarily the management of its business in this country. The applicable law concerning (and its software and services) is in all cases the Indian law.

Export authorization

By its content and its wide distribution, the FreeChequePrinting software has an export authorization from the India  since 2011.


According to Indain law no need to get a Patents for each developed general business software unless its unique developed worldwide

Accordingly, software provided by Param Infoway are not beholden to licensing any patent software, which that is its origin.

Licensing and copyright

Software provided by Param Infoway are all software under commercial developed. These licenses authorize all uses of software and their redistribution in the same form or with alterations, provided that such modified software meet the conditions of the basic license.

Alternatively the terms of the license, the Indian common law of intellectual property apply, including copyright. Any change or redistribution license under any other circumstances is prohibited. Similarly, from the software even partially reused, must always be visible to users.


Some software Param Infoway  correspond to trademarks, which leads to particular consequences for redistribution. However, this has no consequences for normal use and redistribution of the software.

However, it is STRICTLY forbidden to use Param Infoway brands to promote, distribute, sell or transmit any software or hardware whose license is not open-source (as defined in the OSI).

Any other right of use of the mark must be granted by Param Infoway  beforehand.

Your , Tushar Padsumbiya , Founder of Param Infoway and Chirag InfoTech Solution

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