About Software Menu

Step 2. Know About Software Menu and its Function

1. ) Create Menu

Create Menu

Sub Menu Of Create Menu
=> Company (Create / Update /  delete Company/individual account information).
=> Payee (Add / Update / Delete Payee , Payee means “cheque in favor of” ).

2.) Bank Menu

Bank Menu
Sub Menu of Bank Menu
=> Bank (Add / Delete Bank Name and its details.)
=> Bank Account ( Add /Update / Delete Bank Account details)
=> Cheque Book (Add/Update /delete Cheque Book information)
=> Cheque Layout ( Create / Update cheque layout as per your bank cheque image.)

3.) Print Menu

Print Menu

Sub Menu of Print Menu
=> Cheque (Print Cheque)
=> Back Printing (Print on back Side of cheque)

4.) Setups Menu

Set Up Menu

Sub Menu of Setups Menu
=> Currency Setup (Add/ Update Currency, Use for multi currency )
=> Printer Setup (Add Printers, change margins if required to best printing)
=> General Setup ( Change your cheque writing style and other parameters)

5.) Support Menu

Support Menu

Sub Menu of Support
=> About Us ( Know our small information)
=> Web Support ( Get your question answer. Chat with us for instant answer.)
=> Videos ( Watch Video For How to print)

Step 1 Register Your free Cheque Printing Software

Step 2 About Software Menu

Step 3 Create Company

Step 4 Enter Bank Name

Step 5 Cheque Layout

Step 5.5 Enter Cheque Book

Step 6 Print Test Cheque

Step 7 Cheque Back Side Printing

Step 8 Printer Setup

Step 9 General Setup

Step 10 Support


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