Step 9 General Setup

Step 9 General Setup

General Setup given for adjust some formatting in printing style.

General Setup

Some feature are applicable on creating next cheque book.

  • Payee Name :- Print it ALL CAPS or as you entered.
  • AC/ Payee Name for next added cheque book only Like “A/c Payee” , “A/C Payee Only. Kindly Provide enough space in cheque layout for long name.
  • Bearer Tex :-  When A/c Payee cheque , cross mark on word of bearer in cheque you can cross mark using word of like “xxxx” or “—–“.
  • Layout Date : Set your default Date type for next creating cheque layout
  • Amount in Word :- Set print as our Given system or All Capital option
  • Amount in word append line :- Set append line required or not. (“——“Line for blank space after amount in word completed.)
  • Amount in digit : Set comma separated or not (Normal 100000 and Comma separated 1,00,000)
  • Amount in Digit (Print **) : Set ** before and after amount in digit or remove it.
  • Amount in Digit (/-) : Set print “/-” after amount in digit or remove it.


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Step 9 General Setup

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