Step 5.5 Enter Cheque Book

Step 5.5 Enter Cheque Book

This Option is use for enter your cheque book details and give a name to your cheque book for record keeping. Before use this menu you must add previously company,bank name, Bank account, Create or check available layout as per your cheque book.

To add cheque book go to “Bank” Menu >> “Cheque Book” sub menu.

Cheque Book

  • Select Bank Name
  • Then Select Account
  • Then Select Layout
  • Then Enter your cheque book’s Cheque Series given by bank cheque book.
  • Now you can keep our auto generate cheque book name or give name as per your accounting system
  • Here Auto generate name should be like “Bank Short Name” +”Your account last 4 digit” + “Cheque Series’ starting number +”Incremental Number”.
  • Here your can write or change details like text line 1,2,3 . A/c Payee name style and Bearer text style.
  • If you want to edit or delete cheque book just click on “Search” and then search your cheque book, select cheque book and then edit or delete.
  • When your all cheque of cheque books are printed. and no longer need to print from this cheque book, you can hide from printing stage. For this search and select your cheque book and then click on “All Cheque Printed”

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Step 5.5 Enter Cheque Book

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